The Warehouse: The Prodigy VR Experience

Bringing together music fans together to celebrate the history of Rave Culture.


UX Design



Celebration of Music.

The Warehouse was created as an entry for a competition set by XL Recordings and Editor X. XL as a part of their 25th anniversary of existing as a record label were hosting a special event, where they would be re-releasing one of their most iconic albums, that was produced under their brand – The Prodigy’s 1997 album Fat of the Land. As a part of the solutuion they were looking for a website, that would promote the re-release and attract both fans existing and new of The Prodigy.


More than a website.

As a part of the brief, it was recomended to strive for innovation and way music enjoys could connect with music the love for many year in ways that they have not done before. This lead my ideas to focus more on working with modern technology.

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Rave never seen before.

My solution used VR technology to create a virutal space for where the user could not only explore and see the back of how The Fat of The Lamb album was created but also listen to some of those iconic sounds that made the Prodigy so popular. As a part of the marketing strategy behind it, a campaign was created, where the user could order a makeshift virtual reality headset through a website promoting both real-life event and the VR experience.

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