Spectrum Praha 2022 Social Media Identity

Bringing order across the social media of a major softball club.




Chaotic Champions

The management of Czech Republic’s softball club Spectrum Prague approached me before their 2022 season with a brief to create the club’s social media indentity that they would use during their for the season’s information and promotion graphics. Though after initial consultation it was revealed that the brand will need more than just a social media indentity. The club’s online presence did not match their accomplishements on-field, as since 2000 they have won the Czech National League 4 time, most out of any of the other teams.


Displaying less is displaying more

During the research process I found out that the club had an identity issue because there was no real strategy in place as everything was done by often non-profesionals design practicioners. This lead me my initial proposition of moodboards to not only propose a new visual identity but also a brand new strategy and tone of voice to go with it.

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Representing Victory

The solution not only was picked up by the club, it was also well recieved by the fanbase and overall Czech Softball community. The club finally felt like it had consistent indetity with a easy to follow strategy that even non-design pracitioner could easily follow. And the club’s men’s team finished third in the 2022’s Czech National League season which was the best result for the club since 2016.

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