Deliciously Deadly - The Cost of Infatuation

Visual Identity for a National Showcase showing the beauty of everything poisonous.




Showing beauty in the unexpected.

The as a part of upcoming exhibition, The National Cardiff Museum was looking for a brand and campaign identity. This identity would be used across different medias such as the website, posters and the promotional materials advertising the exhibition. The main theme of the exhibition is to change peoples perspective on everything poisonous and deadly and see that it should not only be feared of, but also celebrated for its beauty.


Changing perception of the public audience.

Through research conducted, it was found, that there was a problem of the perception of general public. When asked, people often connected the words poison and toxins, to rather harsh and unpleasant topic. That is why I have focused on trying to bring in more visually pleasing images for my visual research, from which ideas for the final concepts. A strong concept came through with the shapes of mushrooms, using them as a main signifier for the identity.

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Solution representing everything poisonous.

With these visual an identity was developed that a person would not only be able to identifiable but also easily interacted with. With additional promotional materials, the person could create memories to the solution as well as represent the brand.

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